First Principles

This section of the site summarizes the key elements of a Christian worldview (as it applies to politics).  Since it is Christian moral principles (i.e., principles that relate to how we treat one another) that have the greatest application to politics, this site will focus primarily on Christian moral principles, and will leave detailed discussion of our duties to God to the church, synagogue, or mosque (and/or to each individual’s conscience.)

Many of these principles are in fact Judeo-Christian, originating from the Old Testament, and many of them also have been endorsed by other religions and by the greatest secular philosophers, from ancient Greek and Roman times through the Enlightenment in 16th-18th century Europe and America. Thus, endorsement of these principles does not require the endorsement of any particular “establishment of religion.”

  A. The Authority of the Bible (as a Guide to the Natural Law)
  B. Love is the Highest Virtue
  C. A Commitment to Individual Freedom
  D. The Rule of Law
  E. A Commitment to Truth
  F. An Acknowledgement of Man’s Great (and Permanent) Moral Imperfection
  G. A Commitment to Justice





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